Lighting Techniques When Shooting Outdoor

I’ll present several techniques to shoot outdoors.
1. One important thing that you need to bear in mind is to use sunlight as your key light. Basically if I was standing here whether it was a bright and sunny day, I would position myself so sunlight was out here shining on one side of my face or the other, either out there or out there. This is known as three point lighting. Remember that the key light is the most important light. It helps create few contrast on the face.
2. Another thing to remember, you can utilize the bounce as a fill light. You will see that sunlight shines as the key while the other side of the face may look dark because its only bright and sunny, then I can use a white foam or poster as a bounce. You will need someone to help you create that kind of bounce. If sunlight is out there then the bounce will be down here, this would reflect light on this side of my face which acts as your fill light. A bounce can be a good use. You can even choose a white wall and use it as a bounce. If you placed your object next to a white wall then the wall will act a bounce, it will bounce some light which also acts as a fill. So make sure that you use a bounce. It can be very helpful to you as it is some sort of do-it-yourself light kit. You can even use it inside and we will be doing that in the future.
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