It’s All About Lighting

video production

Lighting is one big
aspect that you need more than just consider when it comes to video production. Lighting plays a
major role in determining the success of your video presentation. Lighting is among the most
essential factors that you have to take into account when
creating a video. No matter how creative your concept is, if you are using the
wrong light, the mood of the shoot would
greatly differ. No matter how beautiful your concept is, if the quality
of light is poor, it would yield poor quality presentation. Even
if you have great actors and the story is good, if you
used the wrong light, it will not look as beautiful as it should be. Now,
video makers’ commonly used
procedure, the three-point lighting, is not only
the significant consideration when shooting a video. Do not
restrict yourself to the 3-point
procedure. You need to learn the
different kinds of lightning other than the popular 3-point
technique. Instead, you must also know the
differences of the varying sorts of lighting and the
accessories you need to utilize during production.
Explore other kinds of lighting and accessories
that can help you produce a good production. The use of other
kinds of light and accessories may be
needed to help you generate excellent quality videos.

Halogen Lighting– intense.

High in wattage and bright white lighting
effects– these are what you can expect from halogen. Halogen emits bright white light effects. With high wattage,
halogen lights are generally used when bright white
effects are needed. Unlike the incandescent lamp, halogen burns longer,
keeping it a cheap source of strong light. This lasts a lot longer as compared to incandescent lamps. Many video makers use this light as it is cheaper and long-term. However, since the
light it produces is very bright, the heat it emits is definitely higher
than the other two light bulbs and even though the light bulb itself
will last long, halogen will consume more power and electricity. But, this also
produces more heat and uses lots of
electricity. Nonetheless, among its downside is that it
produces extreme heat and makes use of more electricity.

Fluorescent Lighting– mid.

On the other hand with the
incandescent and halogen lighting, fluorescent bulbs produce mild, even light
and it is among the most often used bulbs
during video production. Fluorescent lights produce mild light and is a
favorite of many video makers. If you need mild light, a fluorescent bulb is
the best option. With a fluorescent light, you won’t have to be fretted about the heat your lighting would emit, and it utilizes less power than its
equivalents. It is more
affordable in a sense that it makes use of less
electricity. No need to stress over getting too much
heat. Additionally, one of its advantages
over the others is that you can adjust its tubes, depending
on what the room temperature demands. Also, its tubes are
flexible to suite the required temperature. Another
advantage about this kind of
light is that the tubes can be adjusted making it ideal
for videos and locations that require a variety of

Above excels online video for online video illumination essentials. 

Incandescent Lighting– low.

This cost-effective lighting bulb is show
off a yellow/orange light. This affordable bulb produces an orange or yellow colored light. If you
really need a dim light, you should use incandescent bulbs. It
does not produce as much light as the other bulbs and it is more
commonly used when shooting scenes that demand that melancholic effect. It does not display
a strong light and is perfect for shooting of sad scenes.
Incandescent is the very best option
when the video needs a melancholic effect. It has low wattage and
it is recognized for its short burn life. Though its burn life is
short, it has low wattage. It has low wattage and short life span.


No photo or video production will ever be
complete without using reflectors and diffusers. Video makers would usually use reflectors or diffusers. For a video to be perfect,
professionals would use accessories like reflectors. Reflectors function by
improving the trajectory of light form
its source. This changes the trajectory of light from its main source. This is
very helpful in maintaining the
effective projection of light. It is
generally used when shooting outdoors and you
are pleading allegiance with the sunlight and you wish to be the main source of your backlight.
Normally, this is really needed
when shooting outdoor. This is needed if you would like to make the sun your main source of backlight. The
key light, alternatively, is produced
by the reflector. The key light is then produced by the reflector. The
reflector would now display the key light.

A diffuser is the partner in crime of your
reflector as it is needed for nuance. Diffusers are
used to create a subtle light
effect. To make things look calm and mild, you have to use diffusers. It
turns the hard light milder and more evenly distributed. Other than making it look lighter, it distributes the light effectively.

When buying reflectors and diffusers, you
would have to think about
its color, size and surface. Reflectors and diffusers are available in
a variety of sizes, colors, and surfaces. When
purchasing reflectors, you should always choose the
right size, color, and surface. When it comes to color, it is
available in gold, silver and white– the first is used for a warmer
skin tone, the second, for a more shimmering
effect and the third, for purifying bright, hard, white
light. Choose gold to get a skin tone effect, silver to be
dazzling, and white to filter bright and hard
lights. Larger reflectors are more expensive and more
complex to use than smaller ones. Bigger reflectors and a lot
more expensive and complicated to use. Big reflectors have more
complex uses and are costlier. Smooth-surfaced
reflectors are practical in
emulating light without lowering its
intensity while pebbled ones effortlessly diffuse
light. If you need to easily diffuse light, pick pebbled
reflectors. Smooth surfaced reflectors are perfect in reflecting light without
altering its intensity.

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