The 3 Tips to Perfection: This is Just what Every Video Manufacturer Must Know!

If you are an admirer of MTV, you ‘d surely understand why
Justin Timberlake’s music video for “mirrors” won the heart of the
judges and became the VMA’s video of the year. If you’ve been
viewing MT V over recent weeks or months,
you would know why JT won the VMA’s video of the year award.
Those who are updated with what’s happening to MTV over the past months would
know why JT has gotten the support and
love of the judges and people and bagged the video
of the year award. Not only is the song a hit, but the video itself spells
magnificence. Besides the song itself, the
video was magnificent. Much more than the song itself, the
video was fantastic.

When it comes to video
production, there are very simple and basic rules that are often overlooked by
most video-makers. Usually than not, video makers
ignore the essentials of video making. In most cases, video makers are abandoning the fundamentals in video making. Now, there are only
two directions your video can head to– one is the hard way down, and the other
is triumph. With the tight competition these
days, you can only choose between two directions, up or down.
And because tons of good videographers are now
taking on one another, your odds of
winning or failing in this business are just the same, so you
better do good. While many may have all the skills needed for producing
quality video, you should consistently understand that it takes
more than just skill-sets to succeed. Even if you
have the skills, other factors still play a major role in
determining one’s success. It is insufficient to just count on
skills; it should be more than that. It doesn’t matter
how good you are at the technicalities, it doesn’t solely make up a successful
video. Even if you’re perfect when it comes to
trivialities, some things should not just be
purely very subjective. Being perfect on technicalities
can not guarantee you success.


when you thought everything and anything imaginable
has already be done, you ‘d prove yourself wrong once a new video hits the
charts and awes the audience for its distinct
concept. Just when you thought there is nothing more to
strengthen on, you’ll see a new video that looks
outstanding and more
unique. Just when you thought you could not do
any better as everything has already been used or presented, you’ll find a new
video that is all new and magnificent. The primary step in video production is planning and
conceptualizing– and this should never be overlooked. It is essential that you conceptualize new
ideas first before the actual shooting. The first thing you need to do is plan beforehand. The time and efforts you exert in planning will greatly
determine the outcome of your video. All your efforts will surely pay off.
Doing a good planning will help you achieve success.

initial stage is the perfect time for you to unleash
your creativity and think outside of the box. This first phase is the best time
for you to show off your creativity. In this step, you
can really play with your imagination and put together your best
thoughts. If you are just going to imitate other
concepts, then your video will not attract attention
and will just be like the rest. Copying others’ works will not make you
successful. Originality is the key to success. Also, apart
from the concept and the settings, the actors you hire
will either make or break your entire video, so if you want to ensure you ‘d have the best output, you must
set the bars high and look for actors who can
really act naturally. Aside from the overall concept, the actors that will
appear in your video should also be great. In addition to the quality of the story, images, and audio,
actors can also make or break your work.


it comes to production, your goal should be aimed at perfection. Always aim to
be the very best. With this kind of word, there is no room for
errors. Yes, it is
unimaginable to get everything right the first time, but
if you feel that something is really wrong, do not be reluctant to reshoot the scene. Though it is natural to
commit mistakes, especially if it is your first
time, you should repeat the shoot if it didn’t go perfectly well. Reshooting is
a must if the first try didn’t go perfectly well. Otherwise, you will have
lots of problems during editing. If not, you’ll spend numerous time editing the video. Or else,
you’ll end up spending more for editing. Aside from knowing your gadget and
how to operate it, you must also consider the lighting, the sound quality and
what and what not to focus. Aside from preparing high quality equipment, you should also know
what not to include and concentrate on your video.
Recognizing what to avoid when shooting a film
is also crucial.
In addition, you must also know the best ways to use your tripod. Tripod is an important
device accessory. Tripod is needed when shooting a video. If it isn’t
levelled, then, you would have to face major issues later
on. If it is not set at the right level, you’ll have problems in the
future. If it is not used correctly, everything will
be a mess.


is the final stage of video production, and this part would be the most
difficult and sluggish if you did rule
out the best for your video during production. Editing is the final work in
video production and this could be very challenging.
Editing should just be easy if you have done the work well from the very
beginning. The first few seconds of your video will either draw your audience
away or into watching the clip, so you better learn the best ways
to catch your viewers’ interest at an early phase. The first
seconds of your video should be snappy or else,
viewers would simply become bored and would not continue. The
first few seconds of your video is very important because if it is not that
enticing the audience, nobody would kill time watching the
entire video. Also, never use fonts that are
meaningless. Make sure that your fonts and
background are readable. See to it that that the
visuals benefit the reader’s eyes. Instead, stay
with the classics– simple,
eye-catching and legible. Sometimes, you just have to
stick to what’s simple but appealing.
Sometimes, you just have to keep in mind that
simplicity is beauty.



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