Online video Production: Expertise over Extravagance

Today, video production has become a hit in many
cultures. Today, videos has become a craze
worldwide. Today, almost everyone uses a video, be it
for professional or personal use. Many
professionals start learning the ABC’s in
developing a video as a result
of no other than passion. Lots of
folks start venturing on this field all out of passion. A lot of people has started off video making only as a
hobby. While many adhere to avoiding the limelight and
continue shooting videos as a hobby, a lot has taken it more seriously and has switched from being a hobbyist to becoming a pro
in video making. But it is quite hard not to fell in love with it more and aim
to become a pro in this form of art. From pure hobby to becoming a pro, this is
the common scenario among videographers.

video production

Affordability– this is just one of the major dilemmas of those who would
like to start generating their own video. Cost is
an important consideration when planning to make a video.
Lots of people would consider the cost when planning to shoot a video. While there
are many expensive gadgets that can aid you in getting the best output,
especially with regard to
lighting, there are still other accessories and devices you can use that are
more budget-friendly. While many individuals are investing on
highly-priced gadgets, you can still look at some other accessories that are more
affordable. Don’t stress over the budget, there are
many affordable accessories available
to help you capture great photos and videos.

Rule # 1:.

Study! No matter how
expensive the gadget is, if you don’t know how to use it and
how you can turn lighting from your worst nightmare to your sweetest
best friend, then all your money would be junk into wasteland. Even if you have the most innovative model of
camera or video recorder, you have to have the
knowledge about what you are doing. It is the knowledge
and the skill of the videographer that matters the most so study very well.
Any lighting gadget, whether it is the most
pricey or the least
expensive, would need proper setting-up. In spite of
the price, gadgets need appropriate setting by the user.
Without appropriate setting by the user, gadgets even the most
expensive one, would not be of help. The initial concept you have to
know with is three-point lighting. You have
to be familiar with 3-point lighting. It is extremely important for video shooters to know the
3-point lighting. Moreover, you
would have to discover where to put your softboxes, light
stands and the other component of your lighting kit. Also, you
should learn where to put your accessory kits. Also, your accessories
should be positioned in the right area. Without appropriate
placement, you would not have the ability to maximize
the full capacity of your equipment. If not, you can not maximize
the use of your gadget. Or else, you would not be able to
make the most of the
features of your device.

there are various kinds of lighting and you have to know them by heart. You should
memorize by heart the different kinds of
lighting. It is crucial for you
to know the different type of lighting. There are wide
variations among LED, halogen and fluorescent
lighting and now is the right time for you to study how and when
they are used since it is very essential that you
know which kind of lighting to use in each and every video production. There’s a huge difference between LED,
fluorescent, halogens, etc and you must know them by heart as
early as now. The difference among the a variety of
kind of lights must be learned before
the actual shooting.

Three-Point Lighting.

Now, let’s concentrate on one of the most fundamental parts of improving the lighting conditions in your
video, and that is the three-point lighting. Now, it is about time for you to
learn about the three point lighting. Now, study how you can perfect
lighting conditions and learn about 3 point lighting. If you want to create quality video, then
it is time that you add dimensions, and you can do that by the means of
three-point lighting. This is very important to produce high quality videos. This is really vital to yield excellent quality
videos. Through this widely used technique, your
two-dimensional image will develop into three dimensions,
and this can be done by using shadows and lights
during video production. Turn everything into 3 dimensions through shadowing
and good lightning. Create 3D images by learning the art of shadowing and

– Key Light: If you are going to cast
actors in a play, the key light is what we call the ‘lead actors’. Main lights
should be directed to the main actors. Key lights should always be directed to
the lead actors. This is the main light you are going to use in the video,
and the other two forms of light would act as
its back-up. This is the main lighting that you will use and the rest are just
back-ups. This will be used as the main source of light and the others
will just be supportive. Commonly, it is placed at a
45-degree angle and both top and side of the main subject.
Normally, it is positioned at a 45 degree angle and both top and side of the lead actor. It should be
placed at a 45 degree angle, concentrating the
lead actor.

– Fill Light: No ‘light’ is an island, and
since you want that dimension, the fill light is used for the filling in of the
unwanted shadow caused by the key
light. Fill light is required to hide the shadow
brought about by the main light.

– Back Light: Ever wondered why the subject always stands out in any
video? Why do subjects consistently shine in a video
presentation? Why are lead actors always shine brightest in a video? Blame it
on the backlight because it used to separate the main subject from the remainder of the background. Simply because the backlight is
doing so well in separating the main subject from the
background. Simply because backlight does things best.

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